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Frost is a natural occurrence during winter. It’s simply water vapor that has deposited itself as ice onto a surface. During cold spells, it may form on your car and your walkway, though it won’t pose a problem as long as you scrape it off right away. Your roof’s surface may also accumulate frost. Given the importance of this part of your home, you might be thinking, “Is it a cause for concern?”

A Good or Bad Thing?

Residential roofs are made to withstand the weather, including cold temperatures, snow and frost. Subjecting your roof to regular maintenance helps ease your worries about water damage, especially during winter. If frost appears on your roof, it is a good sign that you have a well-insulated attic. Without this benefit, your roof is at risk of forming ice dams, which is a bad thing.

What if There’s No Frost?

There could be a cause for alarm if your neighbors’ residential roofing systems have frost but yours doesn’t. However, you have to check a few things first. Find out if your home is receiving the same amount of sun exposure as the others on your street or neighborhood. Your neighbor’s roof may be blocked from sunlight because of foliage surrounding the property. In this case, your frost could melt away but will remain on your neighbors because of the shade.

Assessing Roof Ventilation and Insulation

Consult a professional roofing contractor if you encounter this situation during winter. The pros will immediately tell you that it’s a matter of ventilation and insulation, which are important to your roof’s long-term health and performance. Your roof must have enough vents to facilitate air circulation. With added insulation in your attic, you protect your roof from premature failure while maintaining indoor comfort.

Green Tree Home Solutions offers a wide range of roofing services, including storm damage roof repair and replacement. As a GAF Master Elite® roofing contractor, we provide the best products, high-quality workmanship and superior warranties.

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