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Roof-overs are one method of addressing your current roofing woes. It’s a simple and straightforward process of adding a second layer of shingles over your existing one and is usually the first choice for many homeowners due to its convenience.

That said, roofing over your existing shingles does carry risks. So, when is it safe to do a roof-over?

Roof-Over Advantages and Disadvantages

The main draw to roofing over your current shingles is that it’s fast. Since you’re simply applying a second layer on the roof, you don’t need to tear off the old shingles and expose the sheathing. You also don’t need to clean up after the inevitable messy work.

It’s also less expensive than a full shingle replacement. That said, there are a couple of risks and disadvantages. Roofing over the existing shingles hides existing roofing problems, such as leaks or water damage to the sheathing.

The extra layer also adds unnecessary weight to the roof and may even damage the structure of your home if it wasn’t built with additional roof weight in mind. On top of that, the extra layer of roofing can make the attic or top floor hotter, and that can affect your home’s long-term energy efficiency.

Finally, the second shingle layer may affect future inspections and may even prove troublesome if you need to do emergency storm damage roof repair.

When Should I Consider a Roof-Over?

Roof-overs are a good solution if you need to quickly patch up a damaged portion of the roof, such as when your home experiences storm damage. Keep in mind that this should only be a temporary or emergency measure when you simply can’t do a full replacement.

At Green Tree Home Solutions, we’ll make sure your roof stays in great condition through our complete roofing services. From roof repair to custom metal roofing, you can count on us to get the job done right.

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