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Roof replacement can be a straightforward process, or it can involve other complicated home remodeling procedures. It all depends on a number of factors, such as roof type and extent of damage.

Typically, there’s a certain amount of preparation done by contractors before heading up onto the roof. Moreover, they will follow a more or less similar flow to determine the project timeline. Acquainting yourself with such information can help you ready yourself and your home for the job – which can help in ensuring everything proceeds without hassle. Here’s what to expect during a roof replacement.

Prior to Installation

The new shingles should arrive at your home a few days before the work starts. Make sure there’s a secure place where you can properly store them. A dumpster may also be delivered to your home so make space for that as well. Your contractor would use this for all the waste resulting from the job.

During Installation

Ensure the roofers have enough space to move freely. Ask your contractor how much space they would need, and keep their work zone clear. Don’t forget to also cover your outdoor furniture and plants during roof installation.

Don’t be too rigid with the timeline, though. Some circumstances are simply hard to anticipate so you might want to expect additional roof repairs and a few days worth of setback. On the last day of the job, your contractor would likely give a final walk-through to allow for quality check, questions and clarifications. Additionally, the roofers would be cleaning the worksite before leaving.

After the Installation

The dumpster will be picked up from your home, and a representative may swing by to collect final payment or to ask for a review from you.

Green Tree Home Solutions is known for providing excellent workmanship at an affordable price point. Our expertise covers solar roofs, roof coating and other remodeling services. Call us at 618-767-6430 in Illinois or 314-690-1328 in Missouri, or fill out our contact form to request a quote.


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