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Roof repairs or replacements take a considerable amount of time and planning. One of the things you should think through is the overall cost. After all, depending on your choices for your new roof, the total price of your roofing project will vary.

Here are six factors that can increase the overall cost of your roofing project:

    • Fixtures
      If your roofing system has any fixtures attached to it, such as a chimney or skylight, then it’s likely they’ll have to be fixed at the same time as the roof.Fixing the fixtures can cause your roofing project’s total cost to be higher than expected.
    • Extent of Damage
      The amount of damage to your roof will likely add to the cost of your roof repair or replacement project. This is because extra time and labor will be required to fix things, especially if your roof sustained major damage as roofers tend to charge by the square footage.
    • Access
      Depending on how difficult it is to access to your roof, then it’s possible for the cost of your roofing project to increase. If your roof is difficult to access, it means more equipment and labor will be required to completely repair the system, which in turn can add to the project’s overall price.
    • Components
      It’s easy to think that a roof repair simply means replacing your shingles. This isn’t exactly the case as a roofing coating may also be applied to waterproof your roof and extend its lifespan. Different types of underlayment, insulation and fasteners may also be used to ensure its durability. All of these can cause an increase to your roof repair’s overall costs.
    • Type of Roof
      The material that you choose will influence the replacement’s overall costs. Since materials will vary depending on the slope you have, the costs will vary as well. Roofing systems with a higher pitch also cost more when it comes to labor and materials so you can expect those to play a factor in the increase as well.
    • Permits
      Permits are required before any work can be done on your roof. Depending on where you live, the cost of these permits will vary, but it’s also likely that the fee that was paid to obtain the permits will be added to your final bill once the project is over.

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