Glossary of Terms

Claim means a demand or assertion by one of the parties to this Agreement seeking, as a matter of right, modification, adjustment or interpretation of contract terms, payment of money, extension of time or other relief.

Contract Documents are this Agreement and all documents incorporated by reference into this Agreement.

Contract Price is the amount which will become due in exchange for work performed under this Agreement. Contract Price includes allowances for purchased materials and equipment and may be modified by a Change Order or contract modification. The Contract Price may be paid in one or more installments, including an Initial Payment at or before the start of work, Progress Payments as work is completed, and a Final Payment on final acceptance of the work. Payment Period is the time elapsed between applications for progress payments or prior to the first application for progress payment.

Defective Work means construction done under this Agreement that is unsatisfactory, faulty, omitted, incomplete, deficient, or does not conform to the requirements of the Contract Documents, directives of Owner's Representative, or the requirements of an inspection, reference standard, test, or approval specified in the Contract Documents.

Furnish means to supply and deliver to the job site.

Inspection is any review of the Project, including a visual review of the Work completed to ascertain compliance with Contract Documents, building codes and construction standards.

Job Site is the address or location of the Project.

Law means federal or state statutes, municipal ordinances, building codes, regulations adopted pursuant to statute, executive orders, official interpretations, and other rules and directives issued by government.

Party (to this contract) means a person or business organization which has an obligation to perform under the terms of this contract.

Plans (also called drawings or prints) are scale representations of the shape, location, character and dimensions of Work to be completed under this contract. Plans include plan views, elevation views, transverse and longitudinal sections, large and small scale sections and details, isometrics, diagrams, schedules, tables, data and pictures which depict the completed project. A group of plans adequate to complete construction of the Project may be referred to as a plan set. Plans can be either paper or electronic media.

Requirements means, in addition to obligations, responsibilities and limitations set out in the Contract Documents, the obligations, responsibilities and limitations imposed by law, rules, orders, ordinances, regulations, statutes, codes and executive orders of governmental authorities or fire rating bureaus.

Retainage is a portion of each progress payment temporarily held back or retained by the Owner. Accumulated retainage is released to Contractor on satisfactory completion of the work.

Similar means having a like kind, quality and characteristics. Similar is not to be construed as meaning identical or by the same manufacturer.

Specifications (also called specs) are the part of the Contract Documents which provide descriptions of materials, equipment, construction systems, technique and workmanship to be used on the Project. Specifications are both instructions to be followed by the Contractor and Subcontractors and a reference for the Building Official to evaluate code compliance.

Subcontractor is any person or business entity under contract to a general contractor to perform some portion of the work general contractor is obligated to complete under a contract with the Owner. Subcontractor is an independent contractor performing services for another contractor rather than for the Owner. A person or organization providing supplies or materials for the Project but no job site labor is not a Subcontractor.

Substantial Completion means the Project or a designated portion of the Project is nearly in compliance with the Contract Documents and is sufficiently complete to be considered fully operational in all its components and is fit for the intended use. Substantial Completion is reached when a limited number of non-conforming or defective items on a Punch List remain to be completed. Normally, a Project or portion of a Project cannot be considered Substantially Complete until (1) all utilities and services are connected and working, (2) all equipment is installed and in acceptable working condition, (3) additional activity by the Contractor to correct items on the Punch List will not prevent or disrupt use of the facility, and, (4) a certificate of occupancy has been issued by the appropriate authority.

Work means all labor, material, equipment, tools, transportation, permanent and temporary utilities, connections, provisions for safety and management services required to complete the Project in compliance with the Contract Documents. Work may constitute the whole or a part of the Project. Work is to be performed in a safe, expeditious, orderly and professional manner in keeping with cur- rent standards of the industry. Work includes everything that is or should be evident to a skilled construction professional after careful examination of the Contract Documents and the Job Site.
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